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1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a powerful video conferencing and screen sharing software packed with features. One of the features included with its free version is screen sharing. free screen share This software is ideal for meetings that require interaction and collaboration among its participants. It offers its users the ability to share their computer screens with their selected participants. There are added features that make this software extremely useful such as the whiteboard tool that can be used for sketching during a live presentation. ezTalks Cloud Meeting users can maximize the use of this software without any problem. screen share free Convenience and efficiency seem to be the keywords that can be associated with this screen sharing software. It gives its users full control with its options for muting and unmuting of conference participants, recording meetings hosted through the software, and controlling the audio and video.

Access to this free screen sharing software is easy through secured purchase and download. The number of participants for each meeting is flexible, depending on the purchased version. Its free plan offers up to 100 participants capacity. ezTalks Cloud Meeting boasts of a user-friendly interface and easy to start virtual meetings for any professional needs.

2. Join.Me

This free screen sharing software is ideally used for online meetings and collaborations. Its key selling point are the simple and easy to use features. With its free basic plan, users can experience screen sharing with VoIP calling with as many as 10 participants. A recording and playback option which can be shared with other participants is also available if you wish to document your online meetings. For convenience, this software enables users to download its mobile app.

3. Mikogo

Mikogo made it to our list of best free screen sharing software because of its browser-based tool for setting up online meetings. It saves its users the time and hassle from any downloads. Its features include a good quality VoIP service, keyboard and mouse access for participants, screen sharing switch from one user to another, whiteboard, session scheduler, and recording option. The downside with this free screen sharing software is that the free version can hold limited screen sharing participants. An affordable upgrade rate is available if you wish to include more meeting participants. This screen sharing tool works on several platforms including iOS and Android devices.

4. Team Viewer

Team Viewer is currently considered as one of the more popular and the best free screen sharing software. This software offers quick access and efficient meeting hosting. It works well on different platforms such Windows, Linux, Mac, and more. One of its unique features is the option to limit what other screen sharing participants can see from your desktop. You can choose to show all or just a part of your computer screen, or even just a program. Other features included are file sharing, whiteboard use, and chat option. Collaboration is smoothly done with this software. The number of participants available is also flexible, depending on which purchase package you choose.

5. Skype

Perhaps the most popular software among the list is Skype. Its VoIP and instant messaging services are known better, but Skype is also one of the best free screen sharing software. screen share software Skype's basic screen sharing feature is easy to use and learn. This option to share screens were not possible for free accounts until Skype added its use for said accounts. The screen sharing process can be made during a call by clicking the share screen button. This software is accessible since most users can easily download it for free. You can use the free screen sharing feature with one participant or more.

Sharing information and collaborating with colleagues, friends or family online is made possible with these free screen sharing software. We hope that we have helped you come up with the best screen share software for you. Take your pick and explore the different features of these screen sharing tools.



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